Friendship Day Messages

Friendship day is such an inclination which has no word to express. It come with numerous feelings and makes our life beautiful. In our each stage of life, we need friends who will remain closest to us generally. From sharing privileged insights to controlling in chances, friends are dependably there to give an unlimited satisfaction. In grief or in excitement, a person who makes your temperament up and passes on smile to your face is a companion. When we are strolling in harsh periods of life, friends are dependably there to hold our hands and share our pain. Friends are the only people who will always stand by our side in any situation. Regardless of whether it is a festival of accomplishment or a minute of awfulness, a friend never makes only you. No matter its International friendship day or an ordinary day, share friendship day wishes for best friend to make them feel special.

Friendship Day Wishes for Best Friend

Friendship Day Wishes for Best Friend

My dear friend, when I do not hear HELLO from you, I consider that day as wasted. Thanks for being such as a great friend.

You are the best person and my best friend, who is always there for me. I can count on you because you never let me down.

When I was a kidI used to look at the stars and talk to them because they were my friends. However, when I met you, I realized that stars do fall on Earth.

I will always keep you in my heart and then lock my heart. I will throw the key so that no one will ever steal you from me.

Fashion come and go but real friends do not.

A best friend is similar to air, remains silent but always around. I am blessed to have such a great friend.

You are a true and special friend, and I want you to be always near me.

Friendship is a priceless gift from GOD. It is not sold or bought.  However, having an understanding and caring friend worth more than Gold. That Friend is you.

The time spent with a best friend is beautiful and those moments are cherished. Such moments are forever engraved in hearts. We are friends forever.

Maybe I will not live long, but I promise to be your friend till my last breath.

You are a gift from GOD which is packed with care, love, affection, sincerity and loyalty. I am blessed to have you as my best friend. Lots of love and kisses.

A loyal friendship is formed because of two main reasons. The first reason is to find similarities while the second is to respect differences. Our genuine friendship has both of these qualities.

We often lose things and do not care about it. However, I do not want to lose you, my dear friend. I always want you to be around.

Friendship is a true and rare gift. Having you as a friend is a special thing, and I do not want to lose you at any cost.

Friendship is similar to a tree. We do not measure its length or height but measure the roots that how deep they have grown.

Are you feeling bored, sick, and sad or lose then do not lose hope because you need an important drug of vitamin ME. So always be around and in touch with ME.

The door of my heart is always open for you. You are always welcome during the morning, day or late at night. There is no special concern than real and true friendship.

I want to keep one thing always with me, and that is YOU…Forever.

It takes half-life to find the real and genuine friendship. I am lucky that I found you so soon and will never let you go.

Friends like you are not easy to find. You are found once in a lifetime. You need to take care of yourself because I do not want to lose you or waste another life to find you.

Best friends are like mornings. They do not stay with you for the whole day but you are sure that your friend will always be around.

A good friend is similar to a computer. A true friend just enters in the life and saves in the heart by formatting all the troubles. You are one of them.

A new friend is sweet….. When the friend is true, he/she becomes sweeter and when it becomes sweetest that is you…

A square has 4 ends, the triangle has 3 ends, the line has 2 end but circle has no end and that circle is friendship.

Our friendship is like scissors, whoever comes in between you and me, we will give punishment to them.