How to Remove Flat Moles from Face Naturally

How to Remove Flat Moles from Face Naturally

how to remove mole from face

Mole on upper lips or chin increase the beauty but if your have number of moles or skin tags on your face this is simply irritating. Basically moles or skin tags are clusters of pigmented cells that cause black and brown spots on skin. Here are tips how to remove flat moles from face naturally! 

How to Remove Mole from Face by Home Remedies

Follow these remedies and remove moles from face.

Baking Soda and Caster Oil

Mix together 1 pinch of baking soda and a few drop of castor oil. Apply dot of mixture on all moles and leave it overnight. Wash face in the morning. Continue doing this process for 20 days.

Garlic for Removing Moles from Face

Garlic is also good for removing moles because it contains enzymes that breakdown the clusters of pigmented cells. For this crush fresh garlic clove and place it on mole, secure with bandage and leave for overnight. Do this daily until mole fall down.