27 New Year Wishes for Friends

27 New Year Wishes for Friends

New Year Eva

The New Year refers to the end of one year and the start of the coming year. This is a time when people celebrate the beginning of the New Year according to their culture and traditions. All countries that measure yearly calendars have New Year festive. In whatever way they celebrate the night,  new year wishes for friends are extremely important.

New Year Wishes for Friends

New Year Celebration Around the Globe

People around the globe celebrate New Year Eva in unique and interesting ways ranging from watching firework to eating special foods.


In Japanese culture, some famed temples ring 108 sounds with the temple bell at mid night. According to this custom there are 108 desires regarding feeling, sense, and time in all people. In order to wipe out these desires, they ring 108 sounds since people used to suppose that these sounds were helpful for them.


The Chinese New Year occurs every year on the new moon of the first lunar month, also known as the Lunar New Year, about four to eight weeks before spring.

Chinese children wear red dress on New Year’s Eve. They clean their houses to sweep away evil spirits and bring in the good luck.


In some parts of Colombia, burning “Mr Old Year” is a New Year’s tradition. It needs the contribution of the whole family. The family members formulate a big stuffed male doll that symbolizes the old year. They put little fireworks in it to make it more thrilling while it burns. They also throw things inside it that they don’t wish for any longer, objects that can bring sadness or bad memories. They burn these things with the old year. It stands for that they don’t want to remember bad and sad things in the New Year. They dress the man with old clothes of each family member. Then, at midnight, on New Year’s Eve, they put the doll on fire. It symbolizes that they will forget all evils of the past.


At New Year’s night, striking-a-bell ceremony broadcast on TV in Korea. The bell is beaten 33 times. They do this is in memory of 33 fighters who gave their lives for the restoration of Korea. On the other side on New Year’s Day a large number of people rush to the sea to watch the sunrise. They believe their wish will come true if they see the sunrise of New Year.


Thailand has the most interesting New Year custom. The Thai specific New Year is celebrated on 13-April. On this day, Thai people splash water on each other. No one mind it or even can’t forbid for doing this.


People arrange get together to celebrate the New Year Night. They turn on the TV and as the bell starts ringing 12 times. They eat one grape, each time the bell rings and make a wish. Then they hug each other and wish a Happy New Year.


Scottish believes the first person enter into the house after midnight on New Year’s Eve brings luck to their house for the coming year. They called it lucky bird.


In some parts of Italy an old custom is still running. At New Year Night, they throw out old things from the window.

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27 New Year Wishes for Friends

Celebration of New Year is incomplete without New Year Wishes for Friends. Pick the wishes and send your friends.

beautiful New Year Wishes for Friends


It is the best time of the year. I wanted to send you the warmest wishes Happy New Year to you and your family.

Time is passing so soon and the New Year is on us. This is a great time for celebration. So set the positive resolutions or goals for the upcoming year.

New Year is the most glorious time, and it brings the sweet hope. Happy New year to you!

Make the best resolution on the best time of year. It will bring joy and happiness to you. So let’s share the great day of the new in the best way.

The New Year spreads freshness and fragrance all around. The New Year will add freshness as well as beauty in your life.

Cheer for the New Year because it is the right time to celebrate the happiness in a great way. Wishing you great happiness, brightness, health, prosperity and joy in the upcoming year. Happy new year.

I wish you and your family the great year which will bring warmth and illuminate the path of your life. Stay positive and have a great year ahead.

When the clock strikes 12 tonight the social media will be flooded with messages, you will get many wishes, but I am wishing you with my heart in advance. Have a wonderful year. Happy New Year.

Beautiful New Year Wishes

new years wish

May GOD light the new upcoming year. You will be directed to the right path to achieve your dreams and goals. Have a happy new year.

The year is about to end just let go of all the negativity and the bad things you faced. May the New Year will bring the desired success for you.

Let’s pray for the new and upcoming year that the New Year will bring peace and contentment to you and your family. May GOD bless you in the next year. Have a great year ahead.

Just Thank God who has showered all his blessings upon us all this year. May HE give you courage and confidence to have a fresh and great start.

My warm and heartiest wishes to you and your family on the start of the New Year. It is a big reason to smile because the New Year will bring joy and gladness. Have a happy new year.

Your expectations this year New Year will be raised so I wish you good health and happiness in this upcoming year.

My love, I pray that we spend years together so that our love grows stronger. Wishing you a lovely year and I thank God that HE kept us together. Have a great year.

Sweetheart, I look forward to spend another great year with you. You are my world. I wish you a happy new year.

Newyear Message

wish you a happy new year

May this New Year strengthens you and your family and bring happiness. So stand firm on your decisions and be strong enough to face the upcoming new challenges. May GOD guide you the best. Happy New Year!

Years come, and they pass, but my love for you never change. I wish we stay together and celebrate 100 upcoming New Year together. Have a great year ahead with full of joy and happiness.

Do not cry for the old year. Leave your past and forget all the hardships you have to face in the past year. Forget the fear and welcome the New Year. God has planned a great year for you. Happy New Year.

I wish that God fills your pockets with happiness so that you can attract the Good wishes in the upcoming year. Have a lovely New Year eve and a great year ahead.

I wish that fun; happiness, joy, success, luck, love and much more positivity will enter in your life on this New Year. My heartiest wishes are with you.

Forget all the sorrows just focus on the upcoming year. Plan out the best and be ready for the great year. I am sure you will experience great things. Happy new year to you and your family.

I wish that you will have a great start in JAN, will get your love in Feb, peace in March, let go of your worries in April, have fun from May, happiness in June until November and joy for December. Have a fantastic year.

Nights are getting dark; days are light. I wish that your life will always remain bright. Do not fear and get a brand new year.

Health, Joy, and peace need a permanent place in life. I wish they stay with you all year. May success arrive at home safely. Have a happy new year.

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